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Updated: Feb 26

Health benefits of foot massage If your feet are sore after a tiring day, a foot massage can help you relax. But it's not just feeling good. Research shows that it has health benefits as well.

even a short foot massage It can relieve stress and make you feel energetic. that is a good thing Because reducing stress and increasing energy will give you healthier choices. such as exercising and eating a proper diet But how does a massage do that? It stimulates your nervous system, which increases feel-good brain chemicals like endorphins. People who received a foot massage after appendectomy had less pain and less pain medication.

Professional massage is not cheap. Fortunately, you can enjoy the same benefits at home for free.

Do it yourself or ask your partner to help. The spots that usually hurt are easy to reach. Moderate pressure massage is safe and effective for most people with various conditions. such as fibromyalgia, algia, and long-term pain You can also try getting your first massage from a professional massage therapist. Look for someone certified by the Associated

Bodywork and Massage Professionals or the American Massage Therapy Association if you've had foot surgery. Talk to your doctor or podiatrist first to see if a foot massage is a good idea for you.

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