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Updated: Feb 26

herbal hot compress massage is one of the sciences of massage therapy in Thai traditional medicine. It is a massage by bringing a warm compress ball to the right temperature. Rhythmically pressing on the skin The force of pressure on the skin and the duration of pressure will vary depending on each part of the body.

The herbal compress used in the compress will be useful in the treatment. By when the herbs are exposed to moisture and heat. Herbal medicine has properties to cure sprains and bruises. will be excreted and absorbed into the skin layer to help enhance the effect of the treatment even better The science of herbal hot compress massage is considered another science of massage that does not cause pain while massaging But can also treat the symptoms of various diseases as well.

Benefits of herbal hot compress massage

The benefits of hot herbal compresses can be divided into the following points:

The heat delivered from the compress helps to dilate the blood vessels in the affected area.

It stimulates blood circulation to improve.

Reduce muscle stiffness in tendons and fascia Helps to relax and slack off.

The muscles and ligaments return to flexibility.

Helps reduce injuries, inflammation, and bruises (a hot compress is suitable if the bruise has been present for 48 hours if it is a bruise that has just occurred, it is recommended to use a cold compress method) as a stimulator for the body to repair itself faster. and helps to reduce the colour of the bruise to fade as well Helps relieve menstrual pain Helps to create relaxation for those receiving treatment.

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