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About Lilly massage therapist from Thailand in thispa

Ms Lilly Lady Massage Therapist

From Thailand

Phone: +971-43-993-322


Address: 2nd Al Fattan Marine Tower JBR Dubai UAE 34521

Date of Birth: feb1th, 1989

A Bit About Me

Certified massage and gent salon therapist with 10 years of successful experience in providing high-quality customer-centric massage therapy and beauty treatments. ​


-Thai traditional massage! Mind Ilias) 150 His Given-on August 112007, Mini Traditional Medicine Development Foundation, Ministry of Public Heald...

-Professional Spa Therapist (480 His) Given on Much 520 School of Aerobic Device Lender and Spa.

-Foot massage30 His Given-on October 30, 2005, Non-Formal Education

-National Skill Standard one of level 11 Basis I Given on line 222009, Vocational Training Promotion Committee Facial Rejuvenation Treatments

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